5 Things to Do in Argentina

In Argentina you can visit the no-man’s land, walk in the hustle and bustle streets of mega cities, sip wine in over 100 wineries, eat chocolate all day from store to store or shop for alpaca sweaters and socks at a cheap price.

This vast country climate ranges from the tropical heat near Brazil, arid land in the northwest to the extreme cold weather in the southern Patagonia region. Argentina sits at about 35° 0' 0" S / 64° 0' 0" W and is one hour behind US Eastern Time zone.

Argentina’s diverse landscape and weather beckons visitors to return over and over again. There’s so much to do and see year round. Here are Travelmath’s 5 things to do in Argentina:

Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia
Perito Moreno is one of the most famous landmarks in South America. This massive glacier about 20 stories high moves, grows and cracks. It moves 2 meters a day and gains 2 meters a day. It produces constant crackling sounds and every once in a while a huge piece of ice bursts off from the glacier into the water with a thunderous sound.

Visitors can view the glacier and wait for the ice burst off from the glacier either from the viewing platforms or take a one-hour tour on a boat to get close to the glacier. We think a combination of boat tour and viewing platforms is necessary to view this massive natural wonder.

Perito Moreno Glacier is located in Los Glaciares National Park in the Austral Andes of southern Argentina. Tourists usually start the tour from El Calafate, the closest town to the National Park to visit Perito Moreno.

El Calafate is a three hour five minute flight from Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina and 309 miles drive from Punta Arenas, the southernmost city of Chile.

Buenos Aires and Tango
Buenos Aires offers unforgettable tango and dinner shows in Argentina. Tango in Argentina dates back to the 19th century immigrants from Italy who started a dance movement in San Telmo, a suburb in Buenos Aires.

Besides tango and dinner show, many venues in Buenos Aires offer tango classes and some even offer accommodation like the Complejo Tango. Complejo Tango is located in a 19th Century French-style building in Recoleta neighborhood and five minutes from the Obelisk.

Information: Complejo Tango

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Mendoza Wine Tour
One thing that will shock you when you take a Mendoza wine tour is the personal touch, exclusivity and uniqueness of each bodega. Usually a wine tour consists of three to four wineries and in each winery, you get three to four tastings.

For a completely unique experience in Mendoza, try staying at the Canva Wine Lodge. Canva Wine Lodge is located in the heart of the wine country with rustic and romantic surroundings. Each room has a fireplace and view of the Andes Mountains.

The lodge comes with a hot tub, spa and various massage services and dining room with a good selection of wine from the region.

Mendoza is an hour 43 minutes flight from Buenos Aires and the main airport is Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport (MDZ).

Information: Canvas Wine Lodge

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Bariloche Chocolate
Bariloche is located in the Lake District of Argentina, south of Mendoza and 837 miles from Buenos Aires. The city is known for its chocolate all year and skiing in winter.

This beautiful city lies at the edge of Lake Nahuel Hapui, surrounded by mountains and forests. It has been known for its chocolate since the mid 1900s when German and Austrian immigrants moved to the area with their chocolate making expertise.

When in Bariloche you must try Mamushka Chocolates and Rapa Nui Chocolates. Mamushka serves very good coffee too. Rapa Nui is famous for their icecream and chocolates.

Salta Andes Culture
Salta is located in northwest Argentina. You will notice a huge difference once you arrive in this region after your trip in Buenos Aires. It is as if you are in another country.

Red-rock valleys, mountains, arid land, llamas, alpacas and vineyards surround the city. Salta was founded by the Spanish in the late 1500s and is rich in colonial charm and history. Salta is filled with Andean culture, almost the same as Bolivia and Peru’s Andean culture.

If you go a little further from the city, you will see women in traditional dresses and some of the men chew coca leaves and tend to the llamas and alpacas.

One fun thing to do is to shop for llama and alpaca related merchandise at the Mercado Artesanal near Parque San Martin.

Salta is two hours 6 minutes flight from Buenos Aires.

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