5 Things To Do In Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina has plenty of exceptional hotels, cool shopping, great entertainment and amazing food. This is South America’s second largest city and is known as The Paris of the South. Rich in European architecture and heritage, Buenos Aires is only a 11 hour 3 minute flight from New York City.

There is so much to see and do in this sprawling city of 13 million people (numbers from CIA World Factbook). Here are top five things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina, which includes, watching a tango dance, walking on the wide boulevards and cobblestone walkways, street fairs and joining the crowd of soccer fanatics.

One: San Telmo Sunday Street Fair
If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires, you must have at least one Sunday to walk around in San Telmo’s Sunday Street Fair. Prepare to spend the entire day discovering local crafts, gifts and food on cobblestone alleys, city squares and large indoor markets.

Every Sunday, Plaza Dorrego and the surrounding streets in San Telmo are filled with stalls that sell every imaginable thing on planet earth. When you are tired of shopping and walking, sit back and relax in one of the cafes for coffee and an alfajor or beer with peanuts. You can fill your stomach with delicious cheap street food like empanada, chorizo on a bun or a sandwich.

Two: Tango Show
Buenos Aires is synonymous to Tango. Tango tradition and dance started in Argentina in the mid 19th century. Throughout the city there are restaurants and historical tango houses offering either a combination of a three-course dinner and show or show with drinks.

We have enjoyed a one and a half hour tango show at El Viejo Almacen in San Telmo. You can find tango houses like La Ventana in San Telmo or Piazzolla Tango at Florida Street in the city.

Three: Soccer Stadium, Games and La Boca
Argentinians love soccer with passion (more commonly called fútbol in most of the world). Ask a local about their favorite players like Diego Armando Maradona. Most tourists take a trip to La Bombonera soccer stadium in La Boca either for a game or just to the hang out at the stadium.

The neighborhood is quite rough. If you are planning a trip there be careful with your belongings. Make it a point to visit Caminito, La Boca’s famous little walkways filled with history, colors, tango music and food.

Four: Eat beef
Beef in Argentina is different from anywhere in the world and is definitely one of the top must do things in Buenos Aires. Visitors have an endless list of restaurants that serve good beef.

We discovered Four Seasons Buenos Aires’ Elena Restaurant. Elena Restaurant serves one of a kind dry-aged beef (Tenderloin Bone-in, Rib Eye Steak or T-Bone), Angus beef (Tenderloin, New York Steak, Skirt Steak, Rib Eye) or Argentinian Kobe beef (New York Steak, Flank steak).

Five: Recoleta Cemetery
18 Argentinian Presidents and many wealthy and important figures of Argentina were buried in Recoleta Cemetery including the famous first lady, Evita Peron. The cemetery is one of its kind in the world, with different architectural style and size mausoleums arranged in rows.

The whole place is like a miniature city with apartment buildings and museums with tree-lined narrow walkways. There is no entrance fee to the cemetery.

Tips before traveling to Buenos Aires:
1.    To save time, use Travelmath’s direct flight calculator to find out direct flights to Buenos Aires. In this example, there were three direct flights through United Airlines, American Airlines and LanArgentina.
2.    Nearest major airports in Buenos Aires.
3.    Time difference.
4.    Because of the current economic conditions in Argentina, travelers have to take extra precaution with personal belongings while in Buenos Aires. Pickpocketing is common in the city. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or watches. Don’t leave cell phones on the table in restaurants. Watch your bags at all times.
5.    There are two exchange rates in Argentina today. One is the bank exchange rate and another is the blue exchange rate. Beware of fake currency when changing your money. Some money exchange stores give blue exchange rate while others don’t. Credit cards are widely acceptable in Buenos Aires.

Is Buenos Aires Argentina in your travel bucket list? Make time to visit this vibrant city in South America and discover for yourself the richness of their culture, history, people and food.

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