5 Things to Do in Salta Argentina

Beyond Buenos Aires and Mendoza is the city of Salta, also known as the Salta la Linda or Salta the Beautiful. It is located in northwestern Argentina 797 miles or a two hour 6 minute flight from Buenos Aires and a one hour 41 minute flight from Mendoza.

Salta is located in the Lerma Valley close to the Andes Mountains where nature and beautiful landscapes are some of the draws to tourists to this region. For those who like the great outdoors, Salta is the gateway to water rafting, mountain climbing, trekking and horseback riding. If you prefer history, culture and food, Salta has the historical buildings, churches and festivities.

Here is Travelmath’s list of 5 things to do in Salta Argentina:

One: Rafting
Rafting on the Juramento River canyon is popular amongst the adventurous travelers. We recommend Salta Rafting where your adventure starts at their base. You will be given rafting and safety instructions. The company supplies all the equipment including helmet, wetsuit, fleece (if it is cold), jacket, life jacket and shoes.

Salta Rafting will take you through 10 level three rapids and five level two rapids through beautiful landscapes including fossils, unique geological formations and dinosaur footprints.

Two: Horseback riding
Half day or full day horseback riding is available through Sayta Ranch with lunch. If you are a beginner, try the half-day option.

A full day horseback riding experience usually includes a pick up from your hotel in Salta where you will be served breakfast and a slow two and half hour ride through small valleys, mountain bases and ravines. It is suitable for those who have little experience. Sayta Ranch calls it basic to intermediate levels.

A barbecue lunch will include a variety of barbecued meats, grilled vegetables and salads, bread and local wine.

Three: Iglesia San Francisco
This neoclassical church has been an important landmark in Salta since the late 1800s. The plum red and gold building has the tallest church tower in South America. The exterior color of this church reflects the colorful landscape of the red rocks and snow capped mountains of Salta.

Guided tours are available every half hour. The church usually closes during mid-day.

Four: The Cathedral and Plaza 9 de Julio
The Cathedral is a beautiful pink building located at the main square of Salta called Plaza 9 de Julio. If you have time for only one church visit, the Cathedral would be the one. The golden alter, the floor and ceilings are beautifully thought out reflecting the richness of the city and the influence of colonial architecture of the 16th century.

While you are there walk around the Plaza 9 de Julio and the surrounding areas. There are many restaurants and cafés located in the area and a good money exchange place too. To find out more about the exchange rate, check out our currency converter calculator.

Five: Cerro San Bernardo
To see the beauty and vastness of Salta and its surrounding areas, take the cable car between Avenues San Martin and Hipolito Yrigoyen to the top of the mountain. Or take 1,136 steps to the top and get a panoramic view of the city.

The city of Salta has many other colonial and historical buildings and interesting sites that can be explored by foot. A good place to start is at Plaza 9 de Julio or Cerro San Bernardo. Most tourists pick up at least one or two alpaca wool products from the many souvenir stores in the city. We recommend looking around at the artisanal market at Parque San Martin at the foot of Cerro San Bernardo.

Salta is only 820 miles or a 15 hour 34 minute drive from Mendoza. If you want to see the northwestern part of Argentina, a road trip would be the best way to travel. You will travel through the Aconcagua Mountains and the wine country of Cafayate and more.

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