Top 10 Budget Airlines in the World

Budget airlines have changed the way we travel around the world. In the past decade we saw the rise of these airlines. For example we have Air Asia and Norwegian in 1993, Easy Jet in 1995, WestJet in 1996, Jetstar and Virgin America in 2004 and Mango in 2006. Budget airlines allow travelers to travel deeper with the availability of more destinations and ... [Read more]

5 Best US Beaches

The U.S. has over 95,000 miles of shoreline. Though not all are suitable for beachgoers, we do have ample beaches to enjoy the sand, sun and water. A beach can be a perfect getaway for most families because there is an array of exciting, fun and free activities for the whole family. A beach vacation requires a lot of driving from place to place looking ... [Read more]

5 American Getaways for this Holiday Season

With the world’s array of destinations and places of interests, most travel planners and travel service providers are wooing vacationers with their unique selling proposition. We’re always on the road and on the look out for something amazing yet there are just certain destinations in America that are the “must-sees” regardless of trends and ... [Read more]

7 Best Road Trip Movies for the Whole Family

Whether you’re looking for road trip ideas or wanting to explore the world without leaving your couch, we have 7 best road trip movies that will provide amusement, entertainment, and perhaps life lessons as well. 1. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Based on the book The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford, the movie Homeward Bound: The ... [Read more]

5 Best US Cities to Visit in Fall

Fall evokes images of colorful fall leaves, road trips to the country, pumpkins, apples, football games, corn mazes, kids going back to school, and hayrides. It brings back memories of scented apple cinnamon candles, jumping in the leaves and jack-o’-lanterns. Last but not least, fall is the time when we enjoy the last bits of tolerable weather before ... [Read more]

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