Business Trip to San Francisco

First things first, for business travelers, Virgin America rocks.  It's way better than United or American if you're flying business class.  The seats have those foot rests that extend out when you hit the button to recline, and the cabin in general looks newer and feels more comfortable. The one downside is that Virgin America doesn't have that many ... [Read more]

5 Road Trips to Take in California

California’s spectacular coastline, national parks, wine trails, desert roads and natural beauty makes it one of the best places in the United States for road trips.  There’s nothing like California weather – mild year round including parts of Northern California where snow is uncommon. Get ready to discover Travelmath’s 5 road trips to take in ... [Read more]

Free Night from Welcome Rewards

This review is the result of a last minute road trip.  In the past, I used to book accommodations whenever I traveled.  I joined their Welcome Rewards program in June of 2010, and it took me two years to accumulate 10 nights, giving me 1 free night stay.  The only problem was that I didn't realize I had earned the free credit until almost a ... [Read more]

How to Save Money When Traveling in Great Britain: 5 Transportation Passes

From London and Manchester to York and Edinburgh, you’ll find many ways to get from one destination to another. Great Britain is a perfect country for road trips, that is if you don’t mind driving on the ‘wrong side’ of the road - on the left. For those who prefer letting others do the driving, there are always trains to ride and the buses to ... [Read more]

A Day Trip To Colonia del Sacramento From Buenos Aires

If you are looking for unique day trips from Buenos Aires to surrounding areas, look no further; take a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento from Buenos Aires. A quick ferry ride will bring you to the historical town of Uruguay on the other side of Rio del la Plata. Buquebus Ferry travels daily between Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento. You could ... [Read more]

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