5 Best Airports in America For Winter Air Travel

The “best airport” is subjective. It all depends on our personal experiences and where we live. The term in the right place at the right time does apply when it comes to naming the best airports. Flight delays, bad experiences with airline personnel, what we eat or how we were treated by the TSA will influence our selections.

Best airports sometimes do not even make sense if you live in a city like Chicago. The airports in Chicago regularly make it to the airports with the most flight delays list. Rain, snow or sunny- when it comes time to take a flight you would need to choose one of the three airports in Chicago.

Choosing a connecting flight or a hub is different. You have choices. Here is Travelmath’s list of 5 best airports in America for winter air travel based on less winter weather problems and a good selection of airlines:

One: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Atlanta is a major hub for Delta Airlines, Southwest, US Airways and AirTran. It is important to consider an airport that is a hub for major airlines. You have more options for reserving your connecting flights in case of delays.

Missing a connecting flight is everyone’s nightmare because it involves rescheduling of business meetings, events or could cost thousands of dollars.

Atlanta airport has an array of good restaurants and cafés to feed hungry travelers. The airport has added the famous Gabriel’s Bakery Café kiosk on Concourse B, next to Gate 30 in their food and beverage venue renovations due to be completed in early 2014. (Source: Newsday)

Two: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
This airport is comfortable to get around and is easy to walk from one terminal to the other. Southwest, US Airways, Delta, Skywest and Mesa Airlines are some of the airlines that serve Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right airlines for your connecting flight in Phoenix.

Phoenix’s average temperature in January is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not affected by the winter blizzards and snow.

Three: John Wayne Airport Orange County California
John Wayne Airport has 22 commercial and six commuter gates, which are easily accessible from any terminal and security checkpoint. It is located 34 miles away from Los Angeles city center.

All major U.S. airlines fly into Orange County. To avoid overcrowded airports and and congestion, choose Orange County airport instead of Los Angeles airport. Congestion could mean major flight delays and ground transportation delays.

Four: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
If you are traveling to Asia in winter from anywhere in the United States, choose Seattle as the hub instead of Chicago, Detroit or Minneapolis because of the weather conditions in the Midwest during winter months.

Seattle has less winter weather problems when it comes to airline travel. The city is served by two major American airlines with many flights per week to Asia- Delta and United Airlines.

The airport has almost 40 restaurants and cafés that range from seafood, Asian to an African Lounge.

Five: Dallas- Fort Worth International Airport
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in North America. It is becoming congested as more and more flights are added each year. It is American Airlines’ hub and is also served by over 30 domestic and international airlines.

Dallas has less winter related travel problems because they have less snow and blizzards.

Do you have a list of best airports to share? Please write and let us know.

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