5 Best National Parks for Families

Are you running out of ideas on how to spend the much-awaited summer with your kids? Or are you, like most families, wanting to do more but don’t have the cash or time to do so? Whatever the situation you are in, this is the year to bring your family to one of the 407 national parks and sites managed by the National Park Service in America.

There is, at least, one NPS managed park located in every state and American territory like Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands and American Samoa.

Here are Travelmath’s 5 best national parks for families:

Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park (RNP) is 324 miles from San Francisco and 379 miles from Portland OR. There is no official park entrance to RNP, neither is there is a park entrance fee. redwoods.info recommends a 2-day trip that may include:

More information: Redwood

RNP has more than just redwoods. The National Park Service has listed 40 miles of coastline, oak woodlands, prairies and rich wildlife as just a few of the highlights of the park. It is open year round, but most kid-friendly activities are available during the summer months.

Everglades National Park

Located 74 miles from Miami and 307 miles from Orlando, Everglades National Park has plenty of activities for families year round. Check out the wet sawgrass prairies, dry tropical hardwood hammocks and pinelands, mangrove swamps and alligators.

Kids who love animals will have a blast at the Everglades. Besides alligators, there are opportunities to encounter turtles, herons, manatees, dolphins and crocodiles. Everglades National Park recommends visiting the pinelands by bike and taking a tour on a boat or kayak in the Florida Bay. Be sure to watch the sunset and the flamingoes in the horizon, and canoe and camp along the 99-mile Wilderness Waterway.

There are several campsites available at the Everglades. Junior Ranger programs are offered as well.

Old San Juan National Historic Sites

If going to forests or parks isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend a trip to Puerto Rico. You can combine a cruise, a history lesson and a tropical getaway, all in one vacation. Carnival and Celebrity are two of the many cruise lines that sail from San Juan, Puerto Rico to the Caribbean islands.

While in Puerto Rico, visit Old San Juan’s many national historic sites managed by the National Park Service including:

San Juan Bay
City Wall
Paseo del Morro
San Juan Gate
Paseo la Princesa
La Princesa
La Fortaleza
Plaza de Hostas
Casa Rosada

San Juan National Historic Sites
5 Things to Do in San Juan

Grand Teton National Park

Bring the kids and have a grand adventure at Grand Teton National Park. The NPS has a special booklet just for kids to explore the wildlife, geology, history and ecosystems of Grand Teton.

Grand Teton National Park is located 25 miles from Jackson WY and is 299 miles from Salt Lake City.

Information: Grand Teton National Park The Grand Adventure Booklet for Junior Rangers.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park offers the world’s greatest concentration of geysers, grizzly bears, bisons and elks. You don’t have to travel to New Zealand or Iceland to see unique hot springs and geysers.

Information to help you plan your trip to Yellowstone National Park:

Useful Tips:

Find a park near you.
Take advantage of the every kid in a park program for 4th graders. Read more here.
National Parks fee free days.
Junior Ranger Programs.


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